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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pink Frosted Circus Cookies

"Nothing ever happens around here"
I muse silently in my head

The remains of lunch scattered across my desk
To make room for me to lean in and play my phone
Whatever the latest flavor game is today

My box of pink frosted cookies is all that I have left
And I idly tear open the box while I wait for a game to load
Which is one of the drawbacks of having an older model phone
I secretly think that every update puts in a slightly longer delay to all functions
Unconsciously making you want to upgrade to the newest model

My racing game comes up and I pop a hard pink frosted elephant into my mouth
Sucking all the frosting off the graham crunchy cookie
Picking out some car I could never have in real life
To throw around a race track in a place I'll never visit
Racking up imaginary damage that means nothing
Running other cars off the road when I can
For there are no black flags thrown in this game

Outside in the street that I wasn't paying attention to
An elephant stomped it's way down the sidewalk
Ripping up parking meters and throwing them in a mastodon-like rage

My eyes were glued to my screen
Tilting the phone this way and that to make turns
Jabbing the touchscreen with my thumb to brake
Hitting a long straightaway and reaching absentmindedly for another cookie

This one is a frosted tiger
And it melts in my mouth almost untasted
Just in there for the feel of it really
Frosting melting away
Cookie turning to mush as I pressed it up against the roof of my mouth with my tongue
The same way I've eaten them all my life

Now zombies marched steadily on my position
I planted plants in their path as fast as I could gather sun
While trying to ignore the advice of crazy Dave and his time traveling Winnebago
Argh! One is eating my walnut!

Unbeknownst to my focused mind
A white tiger rampaged in the wooded median across from my office window
Chasing puppies and squirrels
Never quite catching them
More of a rough kind of play than anything
But everyone was screaming and running away just the same
Sirens approached in the distance

The tiger approached my window and turned around
Spraying it with urine before bounding away

But I played on
Now piloting a small jet pack laden boy through impossible scenarios
Down a path that always went from left to right
Picking up bonuses and upgrades
Avoiding laser walls and static charges
Trying to get as far as I could possibly go before dying

My blind fumbling fingers found a zebra cookie and tossed it in quickly
Masticating it without any thought or emotion
Just filling the empty maw with material
Distantly satisfying some urge to bite and chew
Ignoring any signals from stomach or brain that said
"You Are Full - Please Try Again Later"

The desk below my clenched hands vibrated rhythmically
As a herd of zebras thundered past the office
Startling the birds off the building front
Kicking up dust in an imitation of the African Savannah
Followed closely by a man with a barrel on wheels
Who scooped up the inevitable 'gifts' they left behind

The wheels on his barrel bin made a squeak just as he disappeared from sight
And at that I looked up at the window
And it all looked boringly the same
A car going by slowly
An old lady walking with a cane
So I buried my nose back in a phone game

Saying silently in my head
"Nothing ever happens around here"