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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ballerina Spiderman

Spiderman poked his red colored head up out of the rooftop access hatch
Peering around with large white sightless eyes
Mask stretched tight against his face

One could make out a smile spreading under the cloth

Spiderman sprang straight up out of the hatch
Landing on the roof in a pose of readiness
With gloved fingers ruffling the pink tutu around his waist
Which was all that he was wearing
Except for the mask

Across his naked chest a black strap ran
Holding a quiver of arrows upon his back
Though curiously lacking any evidence of a bow

What could the webbed wonder be up to on this moonlit night
Dressed in such a way

Before any such questions could be verbalized or answered
Spidey flexed his nude legs and flicked a wrist
Spraying a web two buildings over
And leaping from the rooftop
Swinging in signature style
Pink tutu fluttering in the breeze
Naked muscular bum peering out from underneath

Off to save the city