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Monday, August 26, 2013

House Lego

My Lego house is interlocked
Upon a scale model base of 4 hectares
Assembled just like the expired patent says
With a tolerance of plus or minus 5 micrometers

In the odd hole nook or cranny
You'll find gears that do things
Opening doors to half imagined floors
Ropes of string supporting plastic lifting rings

Occasionally a familiar yellow rounded head will appear
Atop a minifig body of indeterminate costume
Riding one of many Lego Mindstorm machines
Leaving a trail of expended ozone scented electron perfume

Designed to come apart as easily as they snap together
This house just hasn't disassembled
Back into it's box, or into other creations
Every time I try my fingers get close then trembled

What if it means something?
What if it's symbolic
Of human achievement
Of universal unity
Or maybe it's just the first thing I built that has lasted since I became an alcoholic

I'm betting the real answer is 'C'
But I can always hope for the first two
So I just keep adding on new and colorful additions
Because it just seems the rational thing to do