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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Red Feather

Fluttering and strutting
Spreading feathers for a mate
Each struggling to impress
Showing plumage to attract a date

This one is golden brown
With tail fanned far and wide
With red gale gobble gook hanging from chin
Flapping from side to side

Another takes affront to this display
Spreading his own tail as if to say
"This bitch is mine stay away"
Before charging into the fray

The males they all strut
The females all watch
Evaluating and calculating
Not overly impressed much

As the day progresses on
The fowl pair off regularily
Leaving the arena of love
To get a mortgage and start a family

Until only two are left at the end of the day
A male who walks with a limp
And has but one red feather in his tail to display
But still he tries to strut and express though he really is a gimp

The one female left waiting
Is an odd one as fowls go
With derpy droopy eyes looking every which way
And feet with odd numbered toes

Eventually Derpy gives in to Gimpy's lame performance
And off they go to mate
Proving the old bar hook-up adage
That everyone's standards drop lower the longer that you wait