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Friday, August 23, 2013

Turkey Break

Two steps out onto the porch
Cigarette smoke inhaled in
Turkeys gobble into the yard
Let the games begin

First the mama then the babies
Not so much babies anymore
Having grown almost to half her size
Gaggling along behind her
Pecking at the ground for bugs
Making little whistles and half calls to one another
Working their way around the yard
On a route that is regular routine for them
And would have resulted in a visible trail
If they actually weighed much at all

Blowing smoke rings idly
I watch as the mother turkey struts around
Herding the little ones along with looks and quiet mother noises
Until the circuit is complete
And the whole family makes it's way out the opposite yard gate
To move on to the next stop in their daily ritual around the neighborhood

Except for the last little one
Who always seems to get himself lost
Whether behind an open fence corner
Or in some tall weeds
Lagging behind for a few last bugs
Mother turkey stopping in midstride to gobble her disapproval
Telling him to hurry himself up

I stab the cigarette out
As the last little turkey runs in a half panic around and out the gate
Joining up with the family
To proceed at a more sedate pace
Along to wherever it is that they go

Until tomorrow my turkey friends
Good evening and good night
May you roost safely
Your dreams full of light