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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Yearly Training Bitchfest

This Human Factors class is far too long
I've taken the initial session
I've taught the class and created the lesson
I've been there done that and have the T-shirt

This Human Factors class is far too long

SHELL models and PEARs
I try to pretend that they take me unawares
But if they do
It's only because they snuck up on me
And I didn't see them through my veil of bored tears

Latent issues and distractions
Fatigue or mucked up conversion fractions
A Dirty Dozen with bad ergonomics
This annual training hurts my neck
From all the half asleep nodding that occurs

If I had my way
I'd throw a grenade up through those mystically aligned holes in that Swiss Cheese Model
Blowing it to bits
So that I'd never have to learn about it again

Oh thank god
It's time for the ten question quiz