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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Porcelain Infanticide

Falling porcelain babies
With sparkling geometric eyes
Mouths open in wild wonder
My brain only wonders which ones will die

Tumbling through the air
In some artist's idea of art
A snapshot for a screensaver or wallpaper
I picture them landing in a pile and breaking apart

It takes vision
To create a thousand porcelain babies
Throw them up in the air together at once
Shooting high speed shutter shots in tens and threes

Gravity grabs those delicate infants
Pulling them to her warm bosom
Shattering upon harsh impact
All sharp shard piled up at the bottom of picture chasm

Could even one porcelain baby survive that photo op?
Dream fingers blunt themselves raw at the screen
As not one breakable laughing baby seems to realize
The mortal danger that they are really in

It takes a monster to make such a photo
Whether real porcelain was harmed or just pretend
To taunt first with such whimsy and weightless joy
Knowing full well the places my brain will take it in the end