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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Double Ugly - Elephant

Just like back in the Lead Sled days
Afterburners lighting dark skies over the jungle
Kept airborne sometimes by sheer thrust alone
With a motto tattooed upon metal skin and bone

"Thrust Is Life"

Never were truer words said
For once you slow down
You'll surely be dead
Whether by hot lead from above or below
Or perhaps just a stall warning pinging in the darkness
No lights to illuminate your final slow descent show
Unless its the flames from an on-board fire
For though that jet fuel is hard to ignite
Flames will propagate if you turn the temps up higher

Avoid all those problems and keep the throttles pinned
Hard against the firewall stops
Till the burner cans glow red and wear paper fucking thin
As long as the mach numbers keep climbing to the top
Speed will keep you from buying the farm
And your trusty sled away from the junk shop