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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mommy, Where Do Poems Come From?

When a daddy poem and a mommy poem love each other very much
And all the iambic pentameters have reached their monthly apogee
The daddy poem takes his A-B-A-B and gently puts it into the mommy poem's Haiku
In a dignified reproductive dance that ends with a cup of tea

I know you've heard other stories
Of slam poetry contests done in the open mic forums
But those are far too gonzo and frightening
With spotlight and quavering voice amplifying everything in a far too public porno display

Sometimes there can be two daddy poems
Both with aggressive stanzas
Or perhaps two mommy poems
Each an open interpretative style

In each case a mash of word DNA soup comes together
Producing something unique though all the words have been used before
Which continues to grow and change over the hours, days, and years
Nothing being perfect
And the Great Author is known to revise endlessly past the point of tears

That's where poems come from
The product of the marriage of words
Assigned and assembled
Parsed, carved, and molded until they resemble
Something almost beautiful

Though even that is only subjectively true