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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Seventh Level of Holy Lack of Plot, Batman!

If I could fold in half
For convenience and space saving
I think I should travel for a discount
Due to the smaller places I could be

When I offered that option at the ticket counter
All I got was a crazy look
And a nice TSA officer told me
"Sir, please walk over this way"

I followed the nice man in the distinctive blue shirt
A way over yonder to the Seventh Level of Inquisition
I commented that I hadn't heard of anything past the Secondary level
To which he simply tossed me into a small cell with ten thousand other souls

"We the 10,000 of JFK International Airport
Would like to lodge a complaint regarding our confinement
No crime has been committed
At least none that's been admitted
And we demand to see your supervisor right away"

Everyone signs a note that said just that
Every day of the week except Saturday
Because most everyone here is Jewish
And while I am not
I let them do their thing
So whether it is a good thing or not
They refer to me as a "mensch"

This Seventh Level of Inquisition
Really doesn't live up to its name at all
For we all just hang around without much supervision
Keeping track of time with marks upon the concrete wall

The other day a guy left the cell door ajar after dropping off some pizza
But it was New York Deep Dish
So we looked at the door
Then at the pizza
And decided to eat instead of leave

That may have been some sort of a test
As the door suddenly remembered to shut
Right after we finished up the pie
Which was alright since I was too full to do much running

I decided right then to write a final note to the ether:

Dear Mom,
Send someone to help
As this story isn't going much of anywhere