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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Leaking Color Confinement

Colors bleeding to the floor
Puddling up in tie dyed patterns
Before rolling their way to the crack beneath the door
Entering the hallway in a tsunami of color

Grayscale was flattened in colorific hurricane
Battleship dull became paisley guns a blazing
Crazier than dazzle camouflage
Guaranteed to give a U-boat captain the shakes

Michael the now multi-colored Marmoset
Traced upon ten toned toes back up the color stream
Past the drainage troughs
Shimmying up copper downspouts
Into the cascadified open windowsill

Swimming upstream in an ancient brick lined hallway
All he can do to keep his snout above the tinted deluge
Finding an old delivery pass through to the apartment
The source of all this creamy frothy pigmented goo

Breaking the two rusty bolts
That held the small sliding panel secure
Michael Marmoset was aghast at the new view
A scene from a horror Saw Seven sequel

Hard up against the old chipped brick fireplace
Was an arched figure from the realm of the gods
Chained fast with bronze locks was a gallant double rainbow
Bent forward in despair weeping primary tears