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Sunday, February 15, 2015

X Is Seemingly Beside The Point

Ok, I need to do X
What is X?
It really doesn't matter
Because whatever X is
It is certainly not getting done today

Reason being is that 
Or it could be something actually impor....
Shiny Penny!

Last night I tried to get to bed just right
I brushed my teeth and set the alarm
Let the dogs out one last time
Which was when my gaze fell upon my budding typewriter farm

I'm hoping to breed them you see
I have two Olivers set as close as can be
With candles and roast quail
Romantic music and champagne in an ice pail

One is a model number 9
And the other is a number 11
I'm hoping what will happen
Is some pollination magic to net me a number 10

Oh! and just past that are some pictures I've been meaning to hang
And I've got all the stuff right there too
Hangers and hammers with wire and brass eyes
With an old cotton apron that pokes vinyl corners into my thighs

I just need to set the level over here
And slap a chalk line just there
A measure and a mark
Then a whack of the hammer and....

Boy do the stairs need vacuuming
There is dog and cat hair all over them
I should go get the sweeper right now while I'm thinking of it
I could probably collect it all into a ball and knit up a pet sweater

I'll bet I could learn to do that online
Seems to actually be several more places than one
Aha, here is a place that even sells pet hair yarn premade!
And they've given it the name of "Woofspun"

Crap, what was it I was supposed to be doing?
Oh bag it, I'll go change the oil in my car instead

Driven to distraction by all the things around me
Until I'm miles away from where I started
And the one thing I set out to do