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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jesus Junkyard Land

The signs proclaim how to reach heavenly bliss
Quotes from the Bible writ big and hard to miss
Painted in a shaky paranoid hand
Upon wood stuck deep into Jesus Junkyard Land

The grounds are guarded by Holy Rottweillers
With small dagger crosses hanging from black spiked collars
They patrol in lock step pairs wearing robotic eyes
And mark off the territory by pissing holy water

A giant crucifix made out of old Chevrolet suspension bits
Standing ten feet tall and proud in front of the old house
Was hung with two giant eyes made of giant brake discs
A banner fluttering across the top bar declared 
"Beware Sinner! Jesus Sees ALL!" 

Old cars lay higglety pigglety all about
With seemingly no order to their madness
Not until seen from space does it all become clear
With scrap vehicles forming an Alpha in the front, and Omega in the back

I tried to get a picture to prove the place was real
And not made up whole cloth at the bar after two pints of beer
But as soon as I stopped my car out front and readied my camera
A militia man wearing rags burst from his peeled paint farmhouse
Waving one arm up over his flying long hair and beard
The other one holding an AK-47 leveled right at my head
I didn't stick around to hear his warning or sermon
Leaving twin trails of rubber trying to stay ahead of any hail of lead

Now I only have my words to show I was there
And spread the word that the end is truly near