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Monday, February 9, 2015

Red Hearts Decoupage

Tattered edge page brown with old age
Half crumpled photo of you in cheerleading attire
An image of relatives I don't know in front of your grandmother's casket
Unpaid bills from 1995 eating us alive
With papillon puppy baby teeth in a silk bag
Two ships passing in the night all through the 1980's
Serving nothing but high dollar ravioli's upon an overlook
While you wore a terrible biker onesie and Blue Oyster Bar leather cap
Snow froze my feet while you looked in wonder at blue ice
The doctor told us it was twins
I cannot believe the screaming didn't wake your parents
As I forget more details every day
Too much beer was drank to go to the sub shop
For there was a secret wedding on a anachronistic island in the North
When the poodle rode next to the corpse
Some memories I'm happier to forget