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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Work Favorites

The sweet smell of a rag soaked with MEK
Causing my head to go light
As I clean a confined space
Dancing to fantastical mechanic day dreams

Black soot staining my hands
After working on an old jet engine
That only comes off on my greasy french fries

The ear drum rupturing Chest gripping sound of four jet engines All hard upon their full military stops
While I am crouched only twelve feet away

The ignorant bliss of being in a foreign country And never leaving the concrete of the airport
With only the picture postcard impression of the landscape
To serve as a memory that I was once there

Reading a Harlan Ellison short story collection While sitting awkwardly in the courier seats Of a 40 year old DC-8 freighter flying over the Rockies
And having a short burst of turbulence coincide with a written jump scare

Falling asleep on the floor Wedged into the back corner of a B747 cockpit And waking up half a world away With a foreign sunrise in my eyes

Sitting down and drinking a cold water With desert sun baking my shoulders While I contemplate a very broken airplane
And hoping I could find a fulcrum and a long enough arm

Attaching strange things to the outside of an airplane In the interest of Research and development
Leaving five trails of exhaust from a four engine type plane
Now with a strange silhouette for spotters

Having my family visit me at work for lunch To have them eat boxed lunches on board a B747 Then play flight crew up in the cockpit
Back when I could hold them easily in my arms

Those were a few of my favorite things