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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Misheard Quantum Mechanics in 1969: FALL

A floral handbag hand grenade
Full of people dreams and wishes
Pull the petaled pin and toss far away
Meaning the handbag hand grenade and not the shiny pin
Ducking down to smell the rare earth of this fresh foxhole deluxe
With ducking down space included for you and one friend
Thus dodging prepelled pollen penetrating pasts
Which are really tiny quarks moving in opposite directions fast

One going left and the other going right
Relative to a parallel view upon the correct plane
Forming one reality where the quark goes right
And another where the fifth Beatle was Ringo
And that other guy was the real drummer in the band
Creating awful sets of consequences for us all
Not the least of which is no Octopus' Garden
For anyone to frolic in the shade

The floral handbag hand grenade isn't done yet
Folding realities backwards along their spine
Until the school nurse gives up her primitive scoliosis test in disgust
Tired of following an endless arc
With no deviations and many too
Until it completes itself in an endless loop
With head firmly in the place of poop

Ending like that wasn't the only choice
And in other parallel places it ended quite differently
Whereas in others still the pen never touched the paper at all
Because mom never met dad due to a butterfly's wing flutter
Causing them to pass as two ships in the night with no air horn greeting
As leaves  crunched curly under fast moving feet
On a fine chill day title carded as
1969: FALL