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Monday, January 19, 2015


We came together with invisible forces
And in the beginning we couldn't get enough
Resisting separation with all our might
Though pulled by one hundred horses

And so we were one under the suns
Spending overlapped days
And the short sort of twilight
Absorbing all that there was about one another

But that was also where the trouble started

I found out that she didn't like the number three
And she found that I did not like cherry pie
Those differences starting the first cracks in our union
Until we chafed to the other's very presence

Finally the galling of our metal souls
Eventually pushed us apart
Scientifically measured with calipers
And duly recorded upon a paper chart

Becoming just another footnote in a Nobel laureate's publication
As we went our separate ways on permanent vacation

Every now and again I see her
And I know that she sees me
But we act as if no attraction is there
Though there always will be
And we both pretend not to care