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Monday, January 5, 2015

Ballroom Feline Show

I'm lured in by a hairy whim
And I stay because of your porn
A collection of which
It goes on for a set of days
We are forty six hours in
And it doesn't show signs of growing thin

Your porn keeps me around
It picks me up and puts me down
With impossible sexual displays
Showing endurance that lasts for days
I'm in love
I'm in hate
Give me that porn
I fear you and your porn are my fate

When the porn ran out
There was the food
Cooked at ten thousand degrees
And full of popping fleas
A delicacy you told me
But not in this country
I replied with a badly concealed heave

You shoot me down
You shoot me down down
With pork chops shot out of a copper cannon
A cooking utensil full of hot oil
That doles out perfection
Showing me how wrong I was
That salad was even half of the answer

Now I"m tied to your table
Oh no
Not with ropes
But something more like an umbilical
From you and your kitchen to my gut
Which rumbles and stretches
Showing off
Strutting the fact that its a food slut

Damn you gut
You betray me once again!

After the food could no longer hold me
When you'd made every dish under the sun
You pulled out a whip and a gun
Prompting me into a still warm lion skin suit
To be the center of your liars Las Vegas Show
Tattooing ferocious teeth upon my face
With which to scare the marks
And arouse your kitten passions
For a dangerous man in a fur skin suit

A man you've looked for all your life
But has eluded you still
Because I'm not him
But you don't know it yet
Though when you will
I'll end up like the last three fellas
Just another layer of loves lost in the depths of your personal landfill

That's right there sexy baby
Keep it up
Oh yea

You're setting me up for a fall you are
Little do I know how soon
And you do it in front of a full house at the greasy spoon
A slight kick to my chair as I'm roaring my loudest
A crack of the whip to my face
A cock and fire of the gun
I was a critter off the leash you cried out
And it was all self defense
You loved me
And now you've left me
Left me to die

All but unfulfilled
Almost but not quite
For I had quite the thrill
Living as your passionate man cat
A sexy slinky pair we were
When you were my domme wife