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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Outdoor Sex

The pair of them lay upon their backs
On a scratchy blanket from the back of the car
In an open field somewhere in Vermont
With warm summer night air washing over their naked bodies
Starlight bathing them both
An arm of the Milky Way arcing overhead
Amidst the blinding array of stars
In the dark hour of three in the morning

"What are you thinking about?"
Alice asked him as she reached for his hand gently

That question and her tough upon his fingers started jolts of electricity within him
Along the nerves from his hand
Up his arm
Chasing it's tail momentarily in his shoulder
Before sprinting up his neck to his brain
Where thoughts and images flooded his Mind Theatre

Does she love me?
Do I love her?
I really love the new rims on my truck
Maybe I just got her pregnant
We should get married
The baby would be beautiful
The baby might be retarded
The baby will have an inside out chest
I'm hungry
She tasted like a food I never knew I wanted
I wonder what Susan from English class tastes like?
We should talk about abortion or adoption
The stars are so beautiful
Susan probably tastes like a bitch
I have to mow the lawn tomorrow
This blanket is itchy
I kind of want to fuck her again

Bobby answered her 
Rolling onto his side and kissing Alice softly on the lips
"Nothing really........."
His hand drifted down between her legs as the kissing intensified
Her legs parting to accommodate his want

The sky above flickered balefully in atmosphere induced effects
Lighting their lovemaking
Or if you couldn't call it that
Then their sex