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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ax On A Plane

The crash ax caught my eye as I boarded the overnight flight to Bordjetskeu
I could just barely see it through the two inch gap in the partly open cockpit door
It had a vibrant red painted metal head on it
Securely mounted next to the flight engineer's desk
Just below the spare bulb and fuses box
And to the right of the first aid kit

I sat in seat 3B on the aisle
Now securely belted in as the aircraft went through preflight checks
Engines starting, servos whirring, pumps pumping, fans fanning

There's an ax only seven feet away from me

The cockpit door wasn't completely latched
It kept gently bouncing closed
Then slightly ajar
As we taxied from the gate to the runway
And I kept thinking that THIS time the latch would catch
But it never seemed to

I could still just barely see a sliver of shiny red every time that door came open