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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Attention Span Something

Focus up here on me
Thank you

All bright lights and brains
Facing forward rattling chains
Ready to break out into a Babelic cacophony again
You have their attention for maybe thirty seconds
What do you do?

Magic tricks come to mind
So you show nothing up your sleeve
And make rabbits appear in your hands
One after the other to thunderous applause
Until there are several generations of long eared hare
Sharing your space upon the stage atop the stair
But the grumbling starts in a wave
That runs from back to front
Until they are surely muttering for your demise

Snapping your fingers
All the rabbits disappear
To nobody's interest or amazement
They've grown as jaded as you'd feared

Summoning the acrobats and jugglers
You ringmaster your way back into their hearts
But that's as short lived as the first attempt
And in a desperate attempt at attention
The clowns are signaled to let the eye catching banner unfurl
Which seems to work for as long as it takes to read it

Look!  A shiny little squirrel!