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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Desk In the Big Room

In a tall office building
In a city that looked like any other
There was a small desk in a big room
That would make whomever sat at it feel very alone

The carpeting used to be tan
But now it had coffee stains all over it
So it's more of a barf brown now
With chunks and splotches for realism

There was one picture on the wall
Just above the small desk
In a plain black frame a pretty woman looked back out at you
Looking so perfect
That people would suspect that it was the model photo that came with the frame

The small desk had drawers
As most desks do
Though this one had drawers painted different colors
And the upper left one was painted blue

Inside the blue drawer
In the small desk
Below the too perfect picture
In the big room
Generic city, tall building, etc

There were three things:
A coffee cup with a poodle on the side
A purple stapler with a gold star
And a large paperclip with no identifying marks at all

The three of them were best friends