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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mack The Head

Mack The Head definitely had a head
As a matter of fact
That's about all that he had
It was a body that he lacked

Fed with slurry in a tube
Directly into his cerebellum
Fortifying both his brain
And supporting microbes with their flagellum

Mack The Head never went out anymore
The paparazzi hunted him mercilessly
For cover shots in Enquirer
Where his colors were reproduced marvelously

"Mack The Head Rolls Fifth Avenue!"
Always a circus following him around
In his mentally controlled electric cart
Of crafted titanium close to the ground

Wires sprouting from his temples
Electricity pulsing visibly
Mack The Head longed to be a super villain really
Were it not for the League of Super Evil's body bigotry

He'll make them all pay someday
This he yells at people silently
Making them think that he is tired
And yawning incessantly

Now tucked into bed
A little head bundle of riotous rage
Mack froths in his frontal cortex
Till he falls asleep dreaming of a different age

Where Mack The Head is nobody different
Blending in with the crowd everywhere he goes
Enjoying something he only does when he dreams
Digging knuckle deep gleefully picking his nose