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Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunrise To Sunset

The rising sun is glaring in my eye as I drive South
The little gaps that seem to be built into such assemblies
Between visor and the A pillar
And from one visor to the next across the front
With the lame rear view mirror in between
Itself a shameful excuse for a sun shade
A tear comes unbidden to my one eye
As it is bowed to squinting through the light

The sun rises though
And is past it's annoying phase of blinding drivers on the roads
Grown up if you will
And shining down as it rightly should
Lighting my way to where I was going

A church on a hill in a county far away
Where colored streaks of the mature sun shine in through stained glass
Illuminating a simple casket
Getting inevitably in my eyes again
Or so I theorize
For tears have come to my eyes once again

It must be the sun

Following a service
And a hearty luncheon
I find myself driving North
With a wizened old sun picking its way through poorly designed car accessories
Drawing unbidden tears to one eye again
Until obediently ducking below the horizon once again
Filling the sky with a proper sunset
Orange and scarlet draping the base blue

Allowing me to wipe my eye
And get with my trip