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Friday, February 14, 2014

St Valentine's Home for Wayward Hearts

At the end of a road
In a town that has every name
There sits a red brick edifice
Filled with those who've danced with flame

Burned they are
But not by fire
They're scorched on the inside
Hearts having touched a live wire

So here they huddle
Both together and all alone
Young old and in between
This sort of thing isn't outgrown

Some just got here
Others have been awhile
Some days only a few arrive
While on others there is a line in single file

Most harbor hope
All would like to be elsewhere
And we do for them what we can
With proper feeding and care

This is but a mending waystation
Where we help repair the broken parts
With the old peeling sign out front spelling out
St. Valentine's Home for Wayward Hearts