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Monday, February 3, 2014

Bolt Screws Nut

O mighty bolt
Not to be confused with a screw
For that right there
Be the rudest thing you could do

Bolts are paired with a nut
Fastening items together
Whereas screws are all alone
Threading dutifully into a solid whatever

But this thing looks like a screw!"
You say with face writ in dismay

And to that I can only tell you
"If it has a nut, then it's a bolt
No matter what it looks like"
Causing your eyes to glow red in revolt

In rage you throw your screwdriver at me
With the accompanying wrench
That you were using in concert with
Causing in my skull a bloody furrow and trench

Falling down I refuse to concede
And as I lose consciousness I argue away
"It's all in the Machinery's Handbook
Whose opinion you cannot sway"

Bolts that look like screws
Screws that look like bolts
All functionally unisex
Hardware rises up and revolts