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Thursday, February 20, 2014

This Is The Shape of Our Love

You've got the key to my heart
Hung around your neck
Nestled between your breasts
Leaving me locked up and much the wreck

Your fingertips rest upon the thermostat of my brain
Able to dial me up or turn me down
With the slightest twitch and touch
To which I respond instantly lest you should frown

You carry the suitcase of my soul
Lugging it from airport to train station
Never letting it go despite the baggage it contains
Though it's clearly marked as "Danger: Radiation"

The spiked heels embedded in my chest are strapped to your feet
Which is just where I like them to be
Weighted down as you are with that suitcase and thermostat
Along with that all important key

To say that I love you isn't quite enough
To say I've submitted would be a more accurate descriptive
And that the hold you have over me is complete
As I find your presence blindingly addictive

Mistress you are my world
Turn that key
Crank up that thermostat
Lug my suitcase around
While walking all over me
In every way both real and figuratively

This is the shape of our love