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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Words at Play

The raven had the mix
But never found the fix
Lost in pomegranate tricks
Some days you take some licks

Perhaps if I found the ground
Thing's wouldn't spin around
In this land where dreams abound
I'm ever lost and never found

I think I'll call it Wonderland
'Cause there's Alice's severed hand
I'm holding as I stand
Waving it so as to feel fanned

You extend your greeting to me
As far as your eyes can see
From sea to shining sea
Never quite earning your fee

In the end I fell for the tricks
Trapped as under a load of bricks
Calling out to all my cliques
Who ignored me like a bunch of dicks

And I knew right then that this was something
That all the ravens and pomegranates in the world could never fix