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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Creep Sheep

An affront to the rear
Creep Sheep came near
Ever closer
Ever creeping

Scraping the ground with woolly belly
Fat and soft like a bowl of jelly
Creep Sheep had lived high for far too long
Now trying to sneak back into the throng

The herd for it's part
Was having none of it
This strange sheep that approached looked nothing like them
With hair cut into a stylish wool afro
Crawling on his belly as if he couldn't be seen like a crazed ninja-go

Big city life had changed Creep Sheep
With hard fake ground
He had started wearing shoes over his aching hooves
And with little to graze upon
He had started eating take out

His favorite was vegetarian Thai

Creep Sheep is a creepin'
His legs too weak to hold him
After too many video games in The Village
And skipping too many days at the gym

The herd goes North
And so he creeps too
Sliding upon his massive sheep belly
Looking for acceptance
And dreaming of a nice vegan stew