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Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Post is Copyrighted

This post is copyrighted
Don't even think of copy/paste
Unless it's in a Creative Commons way
In which case due credit and no profits will rule the day

It's a word I made up
It doesn't have a definition as of yet
But it's trademark is firmly set

If you try to use it
Barbs will pop out
Causing it to stick upon your lips
A mark of shame we could all live without

So don't steal this work
Unless you want to be creatively, yet commonly, trolled
Afflicted with word herpes
With pics up and Instagrammed to be endlessly LOLed

**Copyright and all rights reserved on this work for whomever reads it
Unless it's a big movie studio who wants to make a movie out of it
In which case I'll write the treatment and expect a full writer's cut**