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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

B-36 Peacemaker

Be it peacemaker or peacetaker
When the aluminum overcast sets in
There is only one place to begin
It all starts with "Jetzt lege ich mich zum Schlafen"

But you better skip to the end
Because 32.2/fps topping out at max speed
Means not much time left
So you better get in all the prayers you think you need

Flight crews already celebrating with champagne
As it was five minutes ago you were first sighted in
Did you feel those crosshairs upon you?
Their bay doors closed and pulling away from this imaginary Berlin

Fighting a war that is past
Grown cold and dim
Metal defensive posture
Now on display at a museum

No threat to you anymore from 44,000 feet
As mother presses lips to your forehead
Bidding you sweet dreams and Schlaf gut
While softly smoothing your bedsheet