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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hertz Donut

That time you broke you leg
And there was no applause as you were helped off the field
Because there wasn't anyone around to cheer you on
As you crawled back to your motorcycle
Somehow got it started and into first gear
Then drove yourself to the hospital

Or the time after high school
When you discovered you were in love with someone
And you went out of your way to be with them
Do things with them
Do things for them
And slowly worked up the nerve to tell them
Which was precisely when they told you all about how they loved this other person

Then that other instance at work
When you worked all the hours
Never called in sick
Didn't take vacations
And really helped make things a success
Only to be passed over for promotion in favor of the boss's nephew

All those things there.....

Hurts, don't it.