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Friday, September 20, 2013

Highlight This

I bought a pack of highlighters today
Just to mark some exceptional quotes in a book
Nothing unusual
Until I started taking a look

Everywhere I saw there were interesting things to see
The way the author let a participle dangle
Like a damsel in distress
On a cliff clinging to a tree

I had to make note of it
I used the pink one for that
For note and notice for later use
Using the broad strokes pink and super fat

Then there was some technical jargon
Which seemed useful to remember
Obscure in the extreme
But worth recalling by any means

Those got the blue marks
Blue just seemed more technical a color
Why I really don't know
Something that looks squeezed from a Smurf just seems that way to me

I stopped and looked around the room at that point
Giving my eyes a rest
And a beheld a wonderment of things
That I hadn't thought interesting before

A miniature suit of armor from an old issue of Smithsonian
"Own it now and pass it to your children!" the ad had read
And I'd done it
Put it on my shelf
And forgotten about it for two years
Until just now

That suit of armor needed to be highlighted
So I could enjoy it every day
The orange highlighter was appropriate
And so I colored it in every possible way

Now it won't escape notice
But there seems to be so much more
Things I've forgotten to see
Though they are wonderful and well worth a second glance

The gnarled oak outside the door
Full of personality and dignity
The way it has grown crooked to stay in the sun
In such an unusual arc seemingly just for me to see

A forgotten wooden crate
Now the home to a possum family
How could I have missed it
It's marvelous and rare

I must have some bigger highlighters
The bigger the better
So that everything will get noticed in celebration
Whether wonderful or an aberration
Though both one and the same
I need to highlight all of creation