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Saturday, September 21, 2013

One In The Hand

I put you up on the shelf
Like a trophy from the bowling alley
Kept you dusted
Kept you clean
Wheeled you out to impress my friends

Who always said you had gotten the short end of that stick

Which was just a nice way to say
That I wasn't good looking
But you were

After they left I would beat you
Then fuck you 
Leaving you in a puddle of cum and blood

So I guess it shouldn't be such a surprise to me
That I find myself where I do right now

Stabbed through the heart with a steak knife
With my lifeless eyes watching you walk out the front door
Wearing the trophy mink coat I'd bought to decorate you
Driving away in the trophy Mercedes I liked to pose with you in

All with a look of stupid surprise on my unattractive face
That I doubt the mortician will be able to wipe away

Fly free trophy turtle dove
You deserve better than me