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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tick, Tack, Attack!

Red orange yellow green
My mega quart sized tic tac rage pack fills my hand
As heavy as a pint of beer
And all things considered
With about as many calories I fear

Opening the TO SHARE flip top lid
I do anything but
As I pour the entire contents into my gaping maw
Unable to close said maw's lips
Frozen until enough of the tiny mint candies melt away
Trying not to choke
People asking if I'm ok

At least enough to permit safe passage in public
Though still attracting stares
At my swollen chipmunk cheeks a mile wide
Bulging tightly against the treats inside

Each tiny pill shaped bit
Outlined on the skin of my face
Like little demon alien's tits
Trying to poke through into the chill fall air

Breath: Fierce

Taste: Fruity