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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pinocchio's Plea

Take me to your Isle of Amusement
Where dreams can come true
My pen never runs out of ink
And horses never rendered to glue

Take me on a thrill ride
Rollercoasters, motorcycles, and flying things
Strap on the locomotion motivation
Approach the precipice and stretch those wings

Take me and dip me in polyurethane
So as to preserve the moment forever
Beneath a crunchy candy shell
I'll withstand any kind of weather

Take me with you in your purse
So I can peer up at you through a small opening
Don't worry about me getting bored in here
As I've found a long length of string

Take me or leave me as you please
In your hand or hanging in your closet
Without your touch upon my wires
I'm simply a limp marionette pet

Take me
Make me a real boy