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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Don't Worry, It's All In My Profile

This is the me that is better than me
I know
Because he was created for consumption
Oh it's not that I'm not him
Though now maybe that's the assumption

It's just that he's a little better looking than me
Shot at just the right angle
In just the right light
Mostly by luck mind you
As that's the most way that I'm often right

In the profile you'll find the greatest hits
The peaks on the graph of progress
Some overachieving accomplishments
On a long and bullet pointed list

You'll even see the places I've been, Oh!
All mapped out
Maybe with some dates of location
And I've been pretty fortunate
To live in places that some might vacation

What's not on the list?
That list of accomplishments
Job history and positions
Education in institutions
The map of places to have been
Even that mission statement of sorts
Which simply shows off the aspirational hubris of my super ego?

The things that don't make the list
Are the things I don't want to think about
But are the things that stand to the fore
When I'm laying in bed and cannot sleep
Or driving a long trip with nothing to do
And most especially when I try to make myself not think of them
Those are the devils in detailed thought
Wil-o'-the-wisps that creep in through the cracks

Those are the things that really make me ME

And they aren't written down anywhere at all