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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Read The Leaves

Oh soothsayer
What say you this year?
Is it time to hide under my bed?
To duck and cover with 1950's fear?

It seems you are a few months late
And that's ok
I can take what you are giving
Just write it down and send it my way

"On August the 7th, you will have a great difficulty"

That's both oddly specific
And again not quite so clear
Perhaps you could aim a little tighter?
If you're going to pour some precog into my ear?

"If you vote as your heart tells you, you will rue the day"

Oh bother, there soothsayer
On which issue do you say?
Do you speak of Proposal A?
Or could it be B, C, or D?
I don't know what those are as of yet
I'll just have to wait and see

"Ignore my words at your own risk"

More like follow them and be a fool
Is more like the truth of things I bet