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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day One

Inspecting a blind area on the 747
Thirty feet above the sun seared concrete
Stopped dead in my tracks by pain like fire
Unseen pointer finger decidedly aching and bloody
Impaled upon some carelessly pig-tailed safety wire

Day One + 5 min:
Beginning to despair
Supplies running low
Two Butterfingers plus a Snickers bar
And one half can of Monster left
Thank god my right hand is still free

Day One + 30 min:
Using now empty can of Monster
Plus loose candy wrappers
To create a distress flag device thing
Observed once on that survival show
I think a guy named Bear.... Something, does it?
This metal has some sharp edges

I'm frightened

Day One +32 min:
Cut finger on metal from can
It really stings!
Dropped all my stuff onto the concrete ramp
Leatherman along with it
Now using scraps of my underwear as band aid

It made sense in the moment
Though septic shock is now a possibility

Day One +42 min:
Another crew's ramp truck drove by
And I tried to reach the horn button on the control panel with my foot
Accidentally hit the emergency descent switch
Sending man-basket down to the ground with a clang

Currently hanging on

Day One +43 min:
Might not have been even one minute
Lost grip
Fell into a pile of old aircraft seats
May have broken my collarbone
Cushions are moldy
And appear to have poison ivy growing in them

Index finger still stuck on the wire up on the airplane wing
The rest of me on the ground
Seems worth it

Day One +74 min:
Tetanus shot updated
Left hand bandaged
Discovered it was Mexican day on the food truck
Guy took pity on my stupidity
Gave me a free taco pack
And a grapefruit soda to wash the Vicodin down