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Friday, April 17, 2015

Miss Bonnet Beetle

The beetle in her cruel bonnet
Slowly burrowed into her insipid brain
Taming the squishy beast
Throwing a saddle atop it
And installing a set of reigns

Now in a tiny cowboy hat
Perched smartly betwixt antennae
Miss Bonnet Beetle steers her course in full control
Quelling fears from the host
With strokes of mild neurotoxin
Administered as crystal beetle tears

One windy day the bonnet blew away
Leaving Miss Bonnet Beetle exposed to the world
Lucky for her the wind fluffed the surrounding hair a bit
With the experience best summed up with a passerby's comment
"Goodness, what a cute little cowboy hat!"

Miss Bonnet Beetle could be driving a tank in a past world war
With hat and beetle face poked up through a hatch in the cranium
Controlling with professional precision her host in daily activities
Signing her name to withdraw some cash
As it is time to see some of the world
Because as fun as this is for our Heroine Beetle
Her bucket list better get taken care of pretty soon

She is a beetle
After all

And before you shed a tear that the horrid woman will get control back
(There is a story there, that we don't have time to tell)
Sleep well with the hard shelled assurance
That there are plenty of fresh eggs maturing in that captive brain as well