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Friday, April 24, 2015

Craft Fragile

I started in the middle
Going a million miles per hour
Or so it felt at the time
Excited adrenaline gripping the hands
Gripping the throttles

And since the middle came first
That's just where it stayed
All stickey-outy center locking bits
On the first page where it really ought not be

Next came a cleansing fire
Where memories and guilt are confessed
Into the furnace then up in smoke
Mingling with the stars
Until indistinguishable from another galaxy splotch

About then a squirrel went by
Inspiring something different
On acorns, airships and weightless wood
For another puzzle pile entirely

Every saga needs a dog
And thus it was so
In all its optimistic furry glory
A canine companion fell into place

Some desert scenes
And a few in Vegas
With several pushing the story on
Lots that kind of did not
In no particular order
A sure victim of too many Tarantino movies
Until at last an order was found

With tacky glue from Elmer's
Super glue from super
All the bits cemented into place
An abstract albatross abomination
With a dingus as an afterthought at the end
And we don't touch it anymore
Even if a flaw is found
For with the even lightest of touch
The whole lot would collapse into the ground