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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Just a Load

Strap me down or I'll fly away
Put tension on the nylon bands
Crank tight the anodized latches
Thrum the tautness with your hands

If this were an action movie
The Hero would stow away
Only popping out when the bad guys were near
Then cutting the tie downs with a Rambo knife
To see the black hat's eyes widen with fear
As the load shifts aft with a vengence
Propelled by the prop guy's tricks
Creating it's own momentum
Flying back to kick the baddies in the dicks

But this isn't a movie
And I'm just a load of interior parts
Bound for a factory in Flint
Though I can dream big
Of my fifteen minutes of fame there is no hint

Oh I'm just a load
A medium sized load
Riding this air ride trailer
A thousand miles on state funded road