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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Copyrighted DMCA Takedown Notice of Everything

I'm copyrighting twenty-six things
The letters A through Z
Don't make me list them all
You aren't so stupid you can't see

Picture them in your head
I'll give you to the count of three
Even if you can't manage that
I'll give you this advice for free

I've got lawyers on the line
Numbered at about twenty
A whole law firm full
Unless it's their time to tee

It's not just my words that I'm protecting
It's all the damned letters too
Don't copy and paste lines or phrases
If you do you're through

DMCA takedown notices are on their merry way
To your mailboxes and inboxes
In their cease and desist devil may care jump into the fray
Making you pop out Benjamins like a flippy head Pez

All this shit here
It's mine
And everything else I might ever divine
So toss in the towel, author
Open a vein with your, quill poet

All the letters, words and phrases belong to me
You just don't know it