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Monday, March 23, 2015

Marvel-ous Carpet

Midnight in the shag carpet jungle
Shady proto fleas breaking spiders knees
For failure to payback a payday high interest loan
And always the gangs of mites starting fights
Over skin wafer cast offs 
The current currency of choice
In this strange half lit world so close to home
Where their Stan Lee corollary created super heroes as well
Though instead of a Spiderman
There is Manspider
Who was changed when he fell into an open cut upon
The radioactive skin of an experimental man

Manspider is less super-powered than super-handicapped
With an external skin soft and pink
And an anus opening that no longer spins silk
Only emitting stink

Vulnerable to every creature he comes across
Manspider is everyone's bitch
Fetching cigarettes and drinks for the mob
And being laughed at by the nymphs