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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vivamus Tango

A concrete dance floor
Two miles by one mile wide
Painted lines and occasional divots
Marking pathways
Indicating time

Framed by light blue lights
Placed every twenty meters
A place to light up the night
Leading with asbestos brake and black tire bite

Two aluminum dancers glide on in
From the opposite corners
Of taxiways seven right and eight left
South by South-West is their rotational centripetal

Ton for ton graceless and bereft
Lumbering bohemian behemoths in scarred white paint
Trading opposite concrete square for square
Defying artistic logic to become a dancing pair

Spinning beneath ramp stadium lighting
With millions of insects swarming the beams
A squeal of tires
A near miss
A chicken dance tango of avoidance

Forward fuselage to fuselage
So close a red hair could not slip through
Noses nestled into leading edge wing to body nook
Intimate intricate intense with hints of restrained violence

Time stands still as the pair twirls on the edge of disaster
Bystanders cease to breathe
Then gasp with a passionate breast heave
Fingers drag across rouged lips in empathetic desire

Until the unheard music winds down
Turbines coming to a grudging halt
Air motors silenced in the evening's humid haze
Until nothing moves except the waves of dissipating heat

Stillness remains for a respectful pause
Until diesel engines roar to life
With ground support driving to the scene
To separate the entwined lovers at last

Parking them next to one another
Beneath the bright swirling clouds of living light
Until primed prepped loaded and preflighted
The living aerosculptures spin up to life

To dance their tango once again