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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


A gear rolled from my watch when I shook it
A bit of time I'll never see again
Off the edge of the Earth
Just like the Flat Earth Society predicted
Falling forever into the mist of the seas
Perhaps to end up down in the churning of a holding tank
That ran everything through the King of all fish filters
To be pumped up with offset piston pumps made of magma
Starting as steam to speed the journey
Through the cracks and the odd undiscovered cave
To reappear as a fresh water spring
High in the mountains somewhere
Beginning again the trip to the sea
Creeping ever closer to a foggy semi-endless fall once again

My lost watch gear
Stamped and inscribed by some old man in Bakersfield Illinois?

That ended up in the crap trap at the bottom of the world
Where only Jules Verne would ever find it