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Monday, September 22, 2014

Three Things We Can All Agree Upon

It's like that dream everyone has
Where the bathroom's small
And the porcelain bathtub is a dirty pink
With a built in area at the end
To prop up Aunt Minnie's mummified remains
Her cracked and crumbly lips moving to a whisper
"All this moisture eases my pain"

Or when you find yourself a tiny clawed larvae
Swimming inside a puddle of condensation
Atop the chocolate upper layer
Of a piece of six week old Christmas candy
The only words upon your mushy white lips
"I deserve to have my dreams come true!"

Then sitting in an old grey metal Steelcase office chair
Feet searching for the matching desk
To prop themselves up upon
A cigarette of the brand recommended by nine out of ten doctors everywhere
Lay writhing in hand
As it skillfully avoided the lit wooden match
Evading it's clear destiny
Crying out from dried tobacco stuffed end
"I think
Therefore Shazam!"