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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ehlers-Danlos Seeks Fulfillment: Apply Within

Your transparent skin hides nothing from me
I see the heart of you
And what you had for lunch too
Your soul itself is on clear display
Your blood rushing around making way

You are see through to me Princess Rubbermaid

If I had one thousand Lego pieces to store away
I'd call on you for sure
So I could put them in and seal them up
Set upon a shelve with ten other convenient containers
I could always tell which one was you

You would be the one full of my precious blocks
Oh, my Queen of Sterilite storage solutions

The one thing I'd never do
Is give my heart to you
Because your motives are see through
Your skin is fragile as glass
And my heart would be as vulnerable as can be
Trapped inside with your intentions
Doomed to be just another honorable mention

Vulnerable to any old joker with a hard object
Your top may be hermetically sealed my precious Baroness Ball Jar
But I know just what you are
Being just another empty vessel
Awaiting me, myself, or anyone
To come along and fill up You