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Sunday, September 7, 2014


How much penance should one woman do?
A hand dug ten mile ditch
Paths roads and bridges
Mountains moved
Tithes for the church
Alms for the poor
Prayers repeated
Like Bart Simpson after school

Bloody knees leaving a trail
The word "Sorry" hanging from lower lip
A cold sore that simply won't go away
Even when nothing was done wrong
It's always "I'm sorry" this
And "I'm sorry" that

Don't call Sorry Sally
That's the word on the street
For Sally is sorry all day long
Bring a lunch
And watch her carry on

Whipping herself in the square
Topless not for titillation
But for the sake of despair

Oh, Sorry Sally
What ever did you do to deserve this?

Is all the answer she will give
Though "Everything"
Is closer to the truth