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Friday, October 23, 2015

Four Party Plate

I found an errant Democrat
In my publicly funded soup
So I spooned him out quickly
And he did a mid-air loop de loop
Showing off a chameleon skin
Of ever changing politics

At the sight of these demo-antics
The Republicans in my gravy
Espoused a formal protest in mash
Protecting their potato parcels
Searching out errant migrant peas
Using spoons with which to smash

My deluxe Green Party side salad
Was not to be outdone
Offering clean energy from cow farts
Collected in special bags upon their bums

A Libertarian side of cream corn
Solidified its presence too
With a classic symbol of their own
An anarchy "A" painted with thick red goo

I sat back aghast
At what my meal had become
Asking aloud half to myself
"Why do they even run?"

And this is what they said:

I don't know much about big government
And I know I may be wrong
But there's a bigger chance that you are
So that's the refrain of my song

You're wrong!
Your platform it just ain't right
There is no visible support for it
Just puppet strings into the night

You're wrong!
It's the one thing I can count on
At least until it gets up over ten
Then I'll make two little kid fists
And have to start all over again

Tuning out the dull roar rising from the self-edifying edibles upon my plate
I slid back my chair with a dull chalkboard cry
To rise carrying the thick white supper plate with one hand
And quickly raising the lid on the chrome Bed Bath and Beyond trash can with the other
As I turned my face away from the ever ripening raucous stench

Because this meal was spoiled